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Divine Baby Squishiness

Such divine baby squishiness cannot be contained – it has to be shared! Remember this beautiful couple from a few weeks ago? Their gorgeous baby boy was born on 7th August in the early hours of the morning, weighing in at about 4.6 kg! I had the pleasure of photographing him and the family when he was 9 days old.

My Little Mufasa

My Little Mufasa | Gillian Foley Photography My Little Mufasa

I’ve had this little guy for a few years now. He was born in December 2012, so nearly 3 years old. He was one of Sooty’s first litters and perhaps, the last baby born. I remember getting a call from home while I was teaching a launch class at gym one Saturday. It was Simon and the boys, letting me know that Sooty had finally given birth to her first litter of kittens. In Matthew’s bedroom cupboard… O.o

Maternity Session – the O’Shea Family

Gillian Foley Photography | O'Shea Maternity Session Maternity Session – the O’Shea Family

I met this gorgeous couple for their maternity session last weekend. The coldest Arctic weather was meant to hit Brisbane last weekend and the weather started turning on Saturday morning – the day the session was booked for.

Great light and an unwilling model

Great light and an unwilling model | Gillian Foley Photography Great light and an unwilling model

What do you do when you have great light and an unwilling model? Photographers who have children will understand the frustration one has when there is amazing LIGHT (!!!) and nobody but our (unwilling/irritable/I’m-playing-on-my-phone/Xbox) children around to photograph in this amazing LIGHT! LOL We’re the bane of our children’s existence; their unwillingness to pose for photos is the bane of ours!

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